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nicksfan1 [userpic]

wow its 2012

January 13th, 2012 (12:52 pm)

State Of Mind: amused
Musikness: corrs

apparently we're all going to die lol.

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December 9th, 2008 (07:14 pm)

wow i totally forgot i had this journal!

well i'll prob do a icon dump then soon, cause i have some stored up! :)

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April 7th, 2007 (08:45 pm)

happening people?

ok updates:

Soph Slim and I are starting a new band called Capricious, isn't that such a cool name!!!
tis gonna be awesome, but we need a bass player... so yeah hmmm where do bass players live?

O.M.F.G had the best night out in AGES here is the download, the "411" lol

King O's, jim beam and coke, more jim beam and coke, more jim beam and coke, splice cocktail YUMMO!!!, more alchohol, Area 86, hook-ups, more alchohol, vodka rasberries, vodka oranges, more jim beam and coke, more dancing, more hook-up, more alchohol, ICBM, more alchohol, Paddy and the guys almost getting arrested lol!!!, more alchohol, stevie wonder and jackson 5 hell yeah, king o's again, fight break out, more alchohol......etc

yeah it was fun! best part: NOOOOOOOO HANGOVER!!!!!!!!! WOOT!

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April 1st, 2007 (12:17 am)

Ok hands up who thinks the new potter pics are teh hawtness (eww i did not use that....)

ANYWHO... i was bored, procrastinating doing my assignments so i did some icons instead YAY!


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

GoodiesCollapse )

nicksfan1 [userpic]

Why Sailor Moon is the greatest Anime ever, and PGSM is just teh awesomest.

March 11th, 2007 (10:21 pm)

Well considering i have been mocked by many a person particuarly 1 about my taste in shows, i have decided to write a really bad essay on why Sailor Moon is teh hotness of awesome shows. Why you ask? BECAUSE ITS ANNOYING TO OTHERS (this will take up half your page tee hee) and because I CAN!

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon is one of the most well known japanese anime/manga in the world. It started off in manga form way back in 1992. Running from that year until about 1995, it was incredibly wide read by many a fan. Why did it work? Well it reached out to many generations and did not target a particular gender or type of person, it was for everyone. The humor could be read on many levels, even my mum laughed at it. For the girls, well it was all about girl power. And not just any, every girl could be powerful on this show, from the very dumb Usagi to the super smart (Anna N type) Ami. For the boys, well it is japanese manga.

The Anime...

As popular as the best of them including your Pokemon, Digimon, and Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon was one of the first anime to make it big down under. The first really since Astro Boy long before. Its american dubbed version with some of the great voices of american cartoon, those who have been on the likes of the simpsons, drawn together, rugrats and others. The character names of course changed. Instead of the traditional names of Japan, we knew the young Sailor Scouts as

Sailor Moon: Usagi - Serena

Sailor Venus: Minako - Mina

Sailor Mercury: Ami - Amy

Sailor Mars: Rei - Raye

and my personal favourite...
Sailor Jupiter: Makoto - Lita

There was also the token love intrest who actually annoys the shit out of me even though he's like the most important character apart from Usagi...

Tuxedo Mask: Mamorou - Darien

Of course there were others but noone really gives a shit except hard core purists. For us though in Aus on early morning Agro and Cheese TV we only got the first three seasons.

Season 1. Certainly the best, most thought out season of them all. It was perfect, everything fit into place, it was the introduction to the characters and really if not for the questioning end, could have been the one and only series. Of course for those who know the ending we had many enjoyable seasons to come.

This was Queen Beryl and the Shitennou's (Jadeite, Nephrite, Zoisite and Kunzite) season...they were kick arse. They were suave and cool and just awesome...

It was just so successfull. It had everything you needed, drama, comedy, romance, voilence, magic, UST (oh yeah UST), the romeo and juliet setting TWICE!, and some kickarse moves. Who could forget the episode when Jupiter already weakened by giving blood (thats right peoples, it even advocates excellent habits like giving blood. Give to your local red cross today!) realises she is the only one powerful enough to kill the youma, and almost kills herself in the process after using herself as practically a lightining bolt. That was just to cool for school!

Eventually though in the late 90's the Sailor Moon phenonemon died down. The age of Pokemon and Digimon had arrived and suddenly lame animal things were considered cool. It just wasn't the same. Although the UST between brock and misty was just teh awesome.

But then it happened.... thats right. In Japan in 2002 auditions were being held. Auditions for the most ground breaking and risk taking idea ever....


Yeah you heard me...

Allright down to business

Usagi/Sailor Moon: Usagi this time while was still a bit naive and dumb, managed to learn from her mistakes unlike the original anime Usagi. This Scout was Uber-powerfull.

Minako/Sailor Venus: Supercool singer Minako was Sailor Venus. The leader of the scouts she was strong willed and street smart. However this sailor had some things on her mind, including her mysterious illness that affected her bigtime.

Ami/Sailor Mercury: This Sailor was a little shyer, but just as smart as anime Ami, she however had some trouble believing that she could be a true friend, and that led to her turning to the dark side for a while.

Rei/Sailor Mars: Short tempered, feiry and mystical, Rei was well Rei. Damaged by her mothers death and non-existent father, Rei was a priestess at the temple. She had a spiritual sense that was unmatched by anyone and could pick enimies from a mile away. She butted heads with alot of the Sailors though causing rifts.

Makoto/Sailor Jupiter: Jupiter is one word: awesome. Orphaned when she was little, Makoto lives alone. She can be violent (but with good intent lol) and is quite a bit more powerful than the rest. However it takes her a while to control that power. While she seems hard like Rei, she is actually a big softie!

Probably the most disturbing part of PGSM (as the fans call it short) was this...

Luna and Artemis instead of being normal cats, were stuffed toys WTF?

But it got worse... this speaks for itself...Sailor Luna.....

And our baddies...

Queen Beryl

and the Shitennou

However it was just too cool! It basically set itself up as a retelling of the original Sailor Moon Queen Beryl arc. However it did have a few changes. Makoto and Matoki's attraction certainly wasn't one-sided. And instead of Nephrite falling for Naru/Molly he fell for Sailor Mercury! BEST IDEA EVER. And what totally rocked.... DARK MERCURY!!!!!!! Such an awesome plot device! To turn one of the sailors against another, who would have thought? Man Sailor Moon vs Sailor Mercury...awesome!

Dark Mercury:

Hell yeah... Dark Mercury was teh coolness... why...because she was a complete psychopath!

So in conclusion...how can you not love Sailor Moon... its teh awesome!

And it had the hotness of Mr Nephrite... he alone made the show...

Nephrite and Ami is Psychopathic love!

nicksfan1 [userpic]

Sailor Moon stuff

March 3rd, 2007 (12:16 am)

PGSM is cool...

I am Dark Mercury // Which PGSM villain are you?

I am Sailor Jupiter // Which PGSM senshi are you?

I am Zoisite // Which PGSM Shitennou are you?

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O.M.F.G JULY 21st

February 2nd, 2007 (04:05 pm)


I cannot believe that its almost over! its insane!! July 21st is the day that all HP fans have wanted and yet dreaded. The day that HP will finally be over. The final battle will be held and the fate of the wizarding world will be decided.

FUCKFUCKFUCK its so exciting....


nicksfan1 [userpic]


December 29th, 2006 (10:19 am)

State Of Mind: content

Hell yeah a lack of updates. I thought i'd get one in before the new year.

Lets see:

1. Merry Christmas, Hanukah, International Present Giving Day, or whatever you happen to celebrate if at all... i got cool pressies!

I got: A CD rack cause i'm running out of room with all the CD's i'm buying!! :)
A CD travel case with 64 CD's worth of room :)
New PJ's cause all my others are totally old
A Jamie Oliver Cooking book, which was totally a hint from my mum that i cook the same thing all the time lol
Alot of Chocolate cause choc is awesome!
"Waiting For Kate Bush" which i haven't started reading yet, but its about Kate so its going to be awesome.
"The Corrs- Ultimate Collection" which to be honest actually is a pretty sucky collection, but its The Corrs so you like have to get it. Its like FM's Behind The Mask, its not great but its FM so you have to own it...
"Angel Cup" Volumes 1 and 2. This cool korean comic which Andrei from work got me into, its awesome stuff.

and thats all i can remember for now.

OMG i finally found an Edie Brickell & New Bohemians CD! Its only the ultimate collection, but it has "What I Am" on it, so i've been listening to it non-stop. But it doesn't have "Mama Help Me" which is totally WTF!

I want to know if mine and mums dvd player can play region 1 on it. Obviously Aus is region 4, now Rogers DVD player is supposed to be a multi region dvd, but he cant play the region 2 (UK Europe) dvd's he got from england, which is ok??? HOWEVER, our shitty DVD player we got as a deal from the video store does play them...which is like ok wtf??? so it would be cool if it played region 1 cause then i can get all these DVD's like "Bringing Rain" "Bully" other movies and tv series and so on that you cant get in Aus, cause we suck ass.... Andrei said he'd bring some for me, but i forgot to remind him, if i remember i'll message.

OMG I'M IN DAIRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG THANK GOD. i tell you i was this close to resigning it was so not funny. but thankfully i've gotten what i have wanted for like the past year so i'm happy again. It is FUCKING AWESOME in dairy. theres no overtime, you actually get reasonable breaks and the manager knows wtf he's doing! Plus theres two really hot guys so thats always a bonus ;)...

tis bloody cold but lol

OK Weeds is offcially my new fave show, it is sooooooooooooooooooooooo funny! Its totally off the wall but its so funny!!! Watch it if you get the chance cause it is kick ass.

I've gotten into icon making again to! YAY. I'm in the middle of iconing the season 3 premiere of cold case called "Family". Its one of my fave episodes of the series, cause it was totally sad and happy and it had Peter Gabriel music in the last scene which was totally cool. Plus Danny Pino and the guy who played Jimmy are very very good looking. The girl who played Quinn has the most amazing eyes! They're so dark, she was awesome, very very talented!! She has amazing expression, probably does alot of theatre or something... AND i am absolutely sure she's the one who plays Mu in Bringing Rain too... thats one of the reasons i want to see it again on DVD too, is to see if thats right!

Off season tv (apart from weeds) sucks big time. YAY we get to watch Laguana Beach.....uh no not cool...

cant wait till new SVU! yayayayayayayayayay

Ok cant believe i've left this out for so long...this entry is huge..



I cant believe we now know all the titles to all the books. Its insane. I mean we are so close to the finish its so scary. I cant even imagine what JK Rowling must be going through but.

I wonder what the deathly hallows are... alot of people think it means the demise of harry but i dont know... eeeeek i want the next book.

Its going to be totally weird once it finally finishes...really scary and bittersweet i think. Although at least we'll have the last movie to look forward too.

MY NEW GUITAR IS TOTALLY HOT. Thats right i bought a new guitar last week, its electric and its teh hotness. I'll upload a photo once i get to know how to use a digital camera lol. Its a maton and it sounds awesome and Simon helped me buy it cause he is a cool dude. So yeah.

So thats about it really...

Happy New Years if i forget to write it on Jan 1st!

nicksfan1 [userpic]

Did any aussie's...?

December 2nd, 2006 (11:46 am)

catch Sarah on the american abc morning show? (i'm not sure what it was) at about 6am on win/nine? i didn't tape it, just happened to catch it luckily. She sang the Lennon classic Merry Christmas (War is Over). It was pretty awesome. Except i was like "damn kids, let her sing" lol...

nicksfan1 [userpic]


November 10th, 2006 (03:50 am)

Long time no live journal entry!!

So lets see whats happening in the life of me...

Work: Welllllllllllll, work has been pretty shit recently. I HATE my job. Well no, i like the job but i dont like the role i am in at the moment. RIC SUCKS! Its basically 101 on how to fuck up a shop. Its awful, after all the good work we put in and its all gone down the drain cause of this stupid crap. Head office doesn't know what they're on about!! HOWEVER, apparently one of the grocery managers at another shop has resigned, and its possible that even another one has but we're not sure about it. But def one has. WHICH means that there will be some shuffles around the joint and i'm hoping (although its probably wishful thinking) that those shuffles will affect me, and so i will be pulled out of my role, which would be TOTALLY AWESOMEST!

Melbourne: Soph and i went to melbourne last weekend. It was fun. We drove down on friday and got there at about 10:30-11 at night time. We bunked it at one of the backpackers hostel for FREE! (get back to that later) SO first we got our free drink at the backpackers bar, plus tequila (dadada da da DA! TEQUILA!!) Then we went to the goth club for Zoe's B'Day. Yes thats right. I went to the GOTH CLUB. Actually goths these days arent the goths of yesterday. Theres a punk thing to them nowadays. A bit of colour. Its kind of in between punk and goth, leaning more toward goth, whilst the "punk" of today is just lame emo. Goths today are bit um...."til tuesday" style aimee mann, a bit Jane Weidlin, A bit Robert Smith (who again wasn't 100% goth) kind of that look, rather than the stanch goth... but yeah...anyway. So that was fun, AND they played Split Endz, so i have like total respect for Nemisis now!

Saturday was intersting. I spent the morining looking Soph who i thought was missing... that was.....fun.....and a long story..... hmm yes..... It was recovery day. After i found her we checked out of our FREE ACCOMODATION! (ok so, they like totally fucked up. There all like we need money and then forgot to get it off us. it was like $50 plus a $30 key deposit. So we went to the room and was like um... we didn't pay them whoops. So because we're honest peoples, we went back down and was like um we didn't pay. THEN they only charged us for the key deposit lol. Which you get back the next day. So we were like, ok once is once but twice... so we didn't say anything) We then did nothing. We sat in a carpark lol for ages, then ate McDonalds (the best hang over cure EVER) and then decided to actually do something. We went for a walk around fitzroy gardens, then "cruised" around melbourne for a while, sat in a suburb for a while, and then found a motel. Sat around the motel and then met Zoe and Jay for dinner. mmmm focacia.... THEN on Sunday we went to Max Bremmer (or Brenner i cant remember) all i know is that was CHOCOLATE GOODNESS! Then we window shopped, and i bought CD's.. and then we drove to Albury and stayed there with Lauren and then we went home. YAY....

Music: I finally got the mastered copy of the CD. WOOT. Well now its a sit and wait game to get the momey to get it printed.. but we'll see how we go...

anywho gotta go..

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